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Seasonal Preparation

The Three Ways to Prepare for Winter:

  1. Have your heating system cleaned & checked annually before the heating season begins. Just like your car needs to have its oil changed to maintain the engine, your home or business heating system needs a tune up to keep it running smoothly and to keep any manufacturer's warranty intact.
  2. Check and change or clean your furnace filter monthly.
  3. Call a professional to have your comfort system serviced for fall & winter. Tell the technician when you set up the appointment of anything unusual you have noticed about your comfort system--- noises, odors, or efficiency problems. They will take extra care to search out and correct these issues.


Prepare for the Spring and Summer:

There are a couple of things you can do to ready your home's air conditioning system for the upcoming warmer weather...

  1. Clear the outside area around your condenser unit by removing all leaves, twigs and debris.
  2. Check the air filter for cleanliness.
  3. Change batteries in your thermostat if they haven't been done in the past year or two.
  4. Call our office for an appointment to do the Spring maintenance service.
  5. All of the above are covered under our Service Agreement, please ask your technician how you can take advantage of that opportunity today.


How to Make Your Home More Comfortable:

  1. Do you have a working humidifier? If not it is a small investment for comfort. It will add much needed moisture to your environment. Good for your skin, nose, allergies, furniture and static electricity.
  2. Do you suffer from allergies? Perhaps a new filtering system is in order.
    • A good Media filter- a 3" or more pleated filter that is replaceable and traps much more debris and particles than a fiberglass filter.
    • An electronic air filter- works like an electronic bug zapper and zaps particles. It is attached to your furnace or ductwork.
    • Some electronic air cleaner remove up to 99.98% of particles down to 0.1 micron.
  3. Ultraviolet Air Treatment System kills a high percentage of mold & germs in your ductwork & air conditioning coil.
  4. Whole house ventilation system.


Evaluating Your Home's Comfort System:

Are you totally comfortable in your home during all times during the year? If not maybe you need to call one of our Comfort Consultants! Our Comfort Consultants are awaiting your call for an in home analysis and free estimate for a new comfort system.