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Service Agreements

Hermetic Rush Services can save you money on your utility and repair bills through annual maintenance. We have developed a customized program that addresses the problems we see most often. Our service agreement provides the following advantages to our customers:

  • Reduces the possibility of an air conditioning or heating breakdown
  • Reduces utility and repair costs
  • Provides preferential emergency service if the need ever arises
  • Provides a 10% discount on parts
  • Maintains or enhances your current level of comfort

We understand that satisfied customers have been and will continue to be the secret to our success. We also believe that our Service Agreement Plan is the best way for us to keep our customers satisfied.

What We Have To Offer:

1. Total Performance Agreements:
This Agreement format for equipment of all sizes, 15 years old or less is full maintenance. All parts, All labor, All supplies, ALL REPAIRS are covered under this program. It gives you Full Budgetary control for your HVAC/R equipment. Ask us about the details of this agreement format!

2. Preventative Maintenance Agreements:
Well documented inspections of all your HVAC/R equipment. True Preventative maintenance: Cleaning, Filter Changes, Belt inspections and changes, Lubrication to factory specks.

3. Test And Inspect Maintenance Agreements:
Well documented inspections of all your HVAC/R equipment only.