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Upchurch Services LLCHermetic Rush is now a proud member of the Upchurch Services family of companies!

For more information visit the Upchurch Services website here.

Hermetic Rush Services Inc., partnered with Honeywell Inc., makes up a unique blend of Building Automation, Facility Management, Temperature Controls and Service expertise. Hermetic Rush using Honeywell’s controls bring a wide variety of Building Automation and control solutions. Coupled with DGlogiks advanced user interface graphics Hermetic Rush sets ourselves and our customers above the competition.

Hermetic Rush Services is a Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI). The team (HRS, DGlogiks and Honeywell) approach we use provides our customers with one-source responsibility, along with the best products and services for each of their individual needs.

As an Authorized Controls Integrator, Hermetic Rush Services is committed to achieving the highest quality, most cost-effective, and efficient control of your buildings. We are Honeywell-Factory-Trained and reviewed for performance and customer satisfaction. We also have proven financial resources and bonding capabilities to execute large projects.

Hermetic Rush Services is recognized as one of the leading Building Automation and Temperature Controls contractors in the Southeastern United States. We service customers throughout the Southeastern United States including but not limited to: Alabama; Florida; Tennessee; Arkansas; Mississippi. Our business is focused on finding technologically sound solutions for our customers.

Hermetic Rush Services clients included architects, engineers, mechanical contractors and public and private sector clients. That client base has expanded to include universities and secondary school systems; manufacturing and industrial facilities; city and county governments; hospitals; hotel and convention complexes; and a wide range of other private and public sector clients.

Hermetic Rush Services along with Honeywell and DGlogiks is the best-suited team for all your facility management needs. We believe that the experience and qualifications of our local staff, along with our vast knowledge of the construction and service markets, make us the ONLY choice.